As one of the Peer Trainers at the Opening Doors Project, I am sharing my own journey through recovery. This is a journey that I draw from when I facilitate workshops. This journey starts in  Somalia. I was eight years old and my family fled the horrors of a war. Not long after our arrival […]

Initiated in 2009 by the Toronto branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, The Opening Doors Project is a Train-the-Trainer project designed to promote strengthened participation of immigrants and refugees in civil society. It does this by offering skills and work experience to newcomers living with mental health issues. These individuals are called Peer Trainers […]

In this podcast, the Culture and Mental Health Research Unit team speaks to Dr. Laurence Kirmayer about culture, psychiatry and the intersectional possibilities between traditional western medicine and local cultural practices in regards to healing techniques. His interest in this area has seen him undertake research that takes an in depth look at these issues. […]

We are delighted to share with you our very first podcast with an expert and researcher in the area of literacy and health–Dr. Linda Shohet. A member of the MMHRC steering committee, Dr. Shohet has been the Executive Director of the Centre for Literacy in Montreal for over twenty years. In this interview, she speaks […]